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  • Kian’s professionalism was beyond anything I expected. There was never a time when we couldn’t reach him
    via phone or email. Quick responses with expertise and compassion. While my case recently closed, I did need
    to call him with a few questions and he treated me the same way as when we were filing. His passion to help
    us during and after such a difficult time was truly a comfort to us.

  • I did a lot of searching around before I found John Sarai. Once we had a conversation regarding my
    bankruptcy he immediately made me feel completely comfortable with the whole bankruptcy process.
    He was very efficient and reassuring for my individual situation. I had no idea what to expect
    and he walked me through every step of the way. Thanks John!

  • We made a good decision in selecting SM Law Group. Kian Mottahedeh was very informative,
    understanding, and helpful.
    He was always available and quick in responding to our
    questions and concerns. The process from beginning to end was quick and seamless.
    We highly recommend SM Law Group and Kian.

  • Mr. John Sarai is the consummate professional. He demonstrates a clear knowledge of his legal specialty.
    John is very approachable, and is never reluctant to take the time to explain procedures or provide
    reassurance when needed. He assisted me in navigating through a new and what could have easily been
    a daunting process. I would have no hesitation in recommending this law firm to family or friends.


At SM Law Group, we genuinely care about our clients. Your attorney will answer your calls or emails promptly and directly. You will not be given the run around that you may receive from other attorneys or larger law firms.

SM Law Group is a small boutique firm, with the resources and capabilities of a large firm. You can always feel free to contact your attorney with anything and expect to get the quick answers and opinions you deserve.

Unlike larger law firms, your case will be handled by your attorney PERSONALLY from the initial free consultation to filing your case, and straight to your discharge and/or settlement. You will not be passed over to a paralegal, law clerk, or an assistant to do your attorney’s work.

Our attorneys directly answer their calls and take the time needed to deal with you personally and individually. When you visit our office, our attorneys will be ready to see you at your scheduled time once you arrive, and not a minute later.

You will not be made to sit and wait for your attorney like you would in other offices. You’ll be given the attention and care you deserve in these difficult times.

Here at SM Law Group, we understand that in many cases time is of the essence. You may be facing a foreclosure tomorrow, or a garnishment next week. You may need to see a doctor immediately to diagnose and treat your injuries.

We have the experience and capability to get your case complete and filed or settled as quick as possible to prevent you from suffering any losses.

You are always free to call or email any question directly to our attorneys and they will respond to you within the hour. Our attorneys do not bill by the hour and will not charge a penny for the time they spend with you.