5 Tips for Avoiding Collisions Caused by El Nino

The well-known complex winter storm system called El Nino continues to work its way up the west coast of the US from South America. This system brings along with it intense rains, flooding, and heavy wins. Weather related disasters and collisions are the aftermath of these systems in Southern California. There are several tips to follow to avoid collisions.

1. Maintain Good Tires. Planning for the heavy rain systems is just as important for those on the West coast as planning for snow is on the East coast. Tires should always be kept in good health. This means checking the pressure and thread regularly. All season tires are a good option for handling wet roads. Proper tires prevent hydroplaning which can lead to accidents.

2. Upgrade Windshield Wipers. Visibility is key in preventing a collision. Updating your windshield wipers to high quality ones like Rain-x which are designed with the weather in mind is always a good option. High quality blades such as these typically last longer that cheaper versions, and are therefore worth the price.

3. Give Yourself Extra Time. The leading cause of collisions is drivers who are in a rush. Account for potential delays due to slow moving traffic during El Nino by providing yourself with extra time for travel.

4. Keep a Safe Distance. Another reason for collisions is drivers who follow too closely. As everyone is struggling to see the road and maneuver through the stream of rain, it is likely that they will need to stop short or abruptly. The standard rule of driving is to keep two car lengths between you and the vehicle in front of you. During a storm like El Nino, keep at least twice that distance. Remember that not only will vehicles stop quickly but it can also take longer to stop when the roads are wet.

5. Adjust Your Speed. Just because you drive an SUV and the speed limit is 55 doesn’t mean you should be going that speed. Roads may become flooded causing even the largest vehicle to hydroplane. The general rule of speed limits is to adjust them based on traffic and driving conditions. Plan to slow down when driving through intense weather elements.

While these tips are designed to keep you safe, you cannot account for the actions of other drivers on the road. In the event of an accident, contact the necessary authorities and the Attorneys of SM Law Group can guide you through the appropriate steps to handle the situation.