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No one wants to be embarrassed by finding out that there’s a judgment or an embarrassing lien against their account and their money will be taken out shortly. If you find that you need wage garnishment lawyers, Riverside has the top law firm for you. The SM Law Group is here to help. Because we understand that wage garnishment
can be something that can be very embarrassing, that’s why we want to help to ensure that you have someone who can make sure that your income is protected. Obviously if you had an issue where you have a judgment against you, it’s due to a lack of payment. This is not always your fault.


  • Maybe you lost your job
  • Maybe you’ve had a health setback
  • Maybe there was a sickness of a loved one and now you have a lot of hospital bills and your finances are limited
  • Maybe you had a wage garnishment in the past and you still can’t catch up


One of the reasons that you should contact our top team of attorneys is we understand that there are sometimes things that come up beyond your control. That’s why we want to help you put and end to wage garnishment problems. This can sometimes make matters worse. SM Law Group can stop wage garnishments right away and help to get you back on track.

Sometimes you can fall behind on payments because of the fact that you were laid off from my job, or your hours were cut back you may have even found that you were dealing with a medical illness that prevented you from being able to pay all of your bills.
That’s where are from can help, because we understand that it’s as simple as declaring a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 that can stop a wage garnishment right in its tracks.


When you finally particular types of filing, Chapter 7 will clear all your debts completely and stop a wage garnishment, while Chapter 13 is something that can be set up to ensure that you’re able to pay your bills over a period of a few extra years, to give you more time.

One of the things that you want to factor in is how you’re going to be able to pay the money back. As there are some people who make too much income to file for Chapter 7, Chapter 13 may be a more viable option for you. Maybe you just want time to get caught up with your creditors, and that’s where Chapter 13 comes in.

When you’re ready to discuss your case, contact our firm, SM Law Group, at (866) 201-1920. At SM Law Group, we are here to help. SM Law stands for Sarai / Mottahedeh, which is a law firm that has several areas of expertise and specialties that we cover including:

  • Tax lien and creditor help
  • Foreclosures
  • Evictions
  • Wage garnishments
  • Judgment liens
  • Various types of credit and debt related issues
  • Debt negotiations
  • Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filings
  • Eviction help
  • Medical debt negotiations
  • Credit counseling

Our attorneys John Sarai and Kiam Mottahedeh, are both business partners at the law firm of SM Law Group located in Riverside, California. Our address is 3890 11th Street, 1st floor suite 100, Riverside, California 92501. You can also find us on the web at smlawca.com and we’re here to help. You can go online to set up your free consultation today.