Life After a Catastrophic Accident

Traffic or industrial accidents can leave you with severe injuries that can change your daily routines. Sometimes, an injury to an arm or leg is so severe that an amputation may be the best solution for you to live a pain-free life. While making the decision to have an amputation can be difficult, it can help some people retain their quality of life.

Thanks to medical technology, prosthetic limbs are no longer clunky and immobile. Many of them are made from lightweight materials that are easier to carry on the body. In addition, computer technology has also made it possible for prosthetics to function similarly to a natural limb. However, this technology is not cheap.

Depending on the type of prosthetic that is purchased, it can cost between $5,000 to $50,000 for a prosthetic leg and between $3,000 to $30,000 for a prosthetic arm. Although cost is an important factor in deciding what type of prosthetic to purchase, there are more important factors to consider.

A prosthetic needs to be chosen based on its appropriateness for the patient using it. To determine this, the patient’s residuum, age, their daily activities, profession and medical issues all need to be considered. In addition, the type of technology and the materials used to make the prosthetic needs to be factored in was well.

After a catastrophic accident, you may not be able to return to your previous occupation. On top of your medical bills for the original accident and the cost of a prosthetic, if you do decide to have an elective amputation, you may also experience a loss of income, which leaves you unable to pay for your daily living expenses. If you have a family and are the primary bread winner, losing your ability to make money can have devastating consequences.

If the accident you were involved in is not your fault or if the company you worked for was negligent in some way that lead to the accident, you will need to hire an attorney experienced in helping people like you receive the compensation they deserve. Your insurance or workman’s compensation will only cover a small portion of your expenses and you shouldn’t have to pay the rest of them out of your own pocket.

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