Four Apps Making the Road Safe for Motorcyclists

Driving on the road in a motorcycle is always dangerous, even if someone is extremely careful while they are riding. Some drivers in cars and trucks do not pay attention to the road, which can lead to dangerous moments involving motorcyclists. This is why it is best to take every available safety precaution. Lately a number of apps have released that help make the road safer for motorcyclists. Here is a look at the top five such apps:

1. Wind Chill and Wind Speed –
This is a great app for discovering details about the weather before a motorcyclist sets off on their ride. Any experienced rider will tell you that experiencing a serious wind chill is very unpleasant when you are on a motorcycle. By adding the ride speed to this app, it can calculate what the “real feel” weather will be for motorcyclists.

2. Rain Alarm –
Rain is another element that makes riding unpleasant in certain situations. A little drizzle never hurt a motorcyclist, but serious storms can make it extremely dangerous to keep riding. With Ride Alarm, you can ensure that your phone beeps or rings whenever there is a chance of rainfall.

3. Pocket First Aid and CPR –
Sometimes individuals have a tendency to overestimate their ability to react to difficult situations when they are “off the beaten path.” While it is a lot of fun to ride in the wilderness and get a sense of adventure, it is also dangerous if proper precautions are not taken. With this app, riders have a plethora of first aid information available at their fingertips. Fixing broken bones or applying bandages to certain types of cuts is much easier with this app.

4. Eat Sleep Ride –
Almost any type of information that a rider needs is available in this app. Everything from track speed to elevation is covered. There is even a feature that can detect if the rider is currently involved in an accident, with the app programmed to dial or message the rider’s emergency contact(s). This is the best way to stay safe no matter where you are riding.