Three Steps to Take After a Rear End Collision

Getting rear ended by another person’s car can be an unpleasant situation. The circumstances become even more challenging when the individual realizes that the insurance claim related to these accidents can be extremely complicated.

Insurance companies like to dispute claims, even if it was obvious that the other driver made a mistake. This is why individuals who get rear ended must remain proactive during the event. Here are three steps to follow in such circumstances:

1. Take Pictures –
It is absolutely crucial that you get documentation of the damage suffered on your vehicle after the accident. It is much harder for insurance companies to dispute these claims if there is photographic evidence. They cannot claim that the victim of the rear ending is fabricating the story about their car getting a certain amount of damage.

2. Insurance Information –
Instead of reacting angrily and getting in a fight with the other driver, recognize that they are human and must have made a mistake. Talk with them calmly and ask them for the appropriate insurance information. This makes it a lot easier for you to contact their insurance company and file the relevant claims. Even if you initially assume that your car did not suffer much damage, it is better to act in a cautious manner. And under no circumstances is it acceptable to take cash or other damage payments from the other driver, because this can lead to unwelcome outcomes.

3. Call the Police and See a Doctor –
Contact the police and make sure they have a detailed report of the incident. The law will be in your favor, and getting this report through the system ensures that there is proper documentation of the incident. This makes it a lot harder for the insurance company to brush your claim aside, because there is plenty of real evidence of what happened.

Getting a neck injury from a car accident is fairly common. Sometimes the pain is not obvious until the next morning. It is a good idea to visit a doctor and get an initial check-up to make sure everything is okay. Ensure the medical appointment is made correctly and the doctor provides documentation of your visit and the reason for this visit.

Aside from these three steps, it is also important to speak with an attorney if you are having any issues in getting compensation from an insurance company for a rear end collision that was another driver’s fault. Contact the attorneys of SM Law Group to get the results you deserve.