What Happens when You Meet Your End of A Deal to Stave Off a Foreclosure and Then the Bank Forecloses on Your House Anyway?

While you might have done everything you can to avoid a foreclosure, there could still be a potential that a bank may try to foreclose on your house. This is in spite of all the effort you have done to stop it.

You might have gotten the money that you require to stop the foreclosure but there could be a potential for a bank to evict you from your property. You could still give the money to that bank but you may be in danger of being evicted as the bank could have the final say as to what will happen to you. This is regardless of what you have done.

The fact is that when you do agree to pay off the money and you actually do get what is owed ready, you are entering into an agreement that the bank created. The bank established this offer with the intention of ensuring that you can avoid a foreclosure as long as you do what it tells you to. In this case, you will have to get a certain amount of money ready. This is a concept that should have been appropriately written in paper.

By getting this money, you will have avoided the foreclosure in accordance with the initial agreement. The bank has the full duty to actually agree to what you have done and should allow you to stay in your home.

If a bank forecloses on your house then it will have engaged in deceptive practices. These are illegal and are subject to substantial penalties from the government. These penalties may entail millions of dollars.

If your home is being foreclosed upon even if you have paid off what you were supposed to then you should contact a lawyer for assistance. A lawyer can provide you with legal representation to argue your case in court and to show that the bank is breaking its contract with you. You may get a settlement from the bank to cover the entire cost of your loan and to ensure that you will not be at risk of serious problems relating to what you owe.